Another world is plantable! Part 4

Community Gardening in North Amerika
DVD, 60 min., 2012
Ella von der Haide

Drew River Garden NY

North America has a vibrant 40-year-old community garden scene that is currently developing into a broad social movement for food justice in Canada and the United States.
The grass-roots groups are demanding resources, a political framework and agency for healthy, just and more free lives. The many community gardens portrayed in this film, in New York, Detroit, San Francisco and Vancouver, are all engaged in different social change processes, from anti-racist resistance and post-colonial healing to indigenous self-determination and queer-feminist politics.

Through the local production of ecological food for subsistence and for sale at farmers’ markets, community gardeners not only construct an alternative to the agro-industrial business and “food deserts”, they simultaneously create a new local self-reliance.

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